It’s go time


We offer a variety of services and packages that meet a variety of needs. Well site fluid Transportation, Flowback Packages, Water Sales, Tank & Equipment Rentals, Rig Moves, Supply Logistics, Hot Shots? Yep.. We do that.

Fluid Logistics

A fleet of over 50 tanker trucks can move a lot of water. Computerized dispatch improves driver efficiency, Hard working drivers make the difference.


Winch Trucks

10 trucks with capabilities ranging from frac tank haulers to bed trucks and 10 axle transports can move and set up most production and drilling related equipment.


Equipment Rentals

Frac tanks, Uprights, loaders, hoses & manifolds, Light plants, crossovers, pumps and much more. Ask about complete equipment and transport packages.

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Heavy Haul & OTR

With a variety of specialized equipment and trucks licensed in 48 states, we’ve got what you need to take on your big projects. Click the button to see our specs.


Water Sales

We own and operate a full service water depot with direct water right from the Little Missouri River with a simultaneous load out capacity up to 8 trucks. We also have the ability to pump water through ground lines directly to your jobsite.


Site Services

We also provide site management services including Gate Guards, sign in/out, verification of credentials, On site truck pushers. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!