Location, Location, location…

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Having our operations centrally located in the Bakken Shale Play gives us the opportunity to serve our customers efficiently and thoroughly. Being a mid-sized company means we’ve got the resources to handle your job, and the flexibility to fit your needs.

Main Office

122 Central Ave
Killdeer ND 58640

Business Office Hours

8am – 5pm Weekdays
Closed Weekends

Dispatch Office

24hr Water truck Dispatch (701) 690-9141 24hr Winch & Flatbed Dispatch (701) 354-2012



It’s Everyone’s Responsibilty


We’ve made the safety of our employees and customers our top priority. Every employee receives extensive training and certification before being allowed to perform any safety sensitive task. New hires receive a minimum of 30 hours of classroom time, and on the job training with an experienced mentor through our SSE program. Employees receive annual refresher training as well.

Certifications include at a minimum:

  1. Safeland Onshore 1 day course

  2. H2S Clear - safety & awareness training

  3. Defensive Driver training course



We live here

Good business goes hand in hand with being a good neighbor. We are blessed to live and work in this beautiful place, and we strive to hold our employees a higher standard. Spill prevention is a major topic of training, and employees are expected to respect the land and the communities we serve. In the rare event of a fluid spill or accident, we have a 24hr on call staff to respond for imediate clean up and remediation.